11 Reasons Why PHP Is A Boon For Web Developers

11 Reasons Why PHP Is A Boon For Web Developers

The creator of the PHP language Rasmus Lerdorf said that: “I really don’t like programming. I built this tool to program less so that I could just reuse code.” And yes, without a doubt PHP is one of the most popular server side scripting languages that allows programmers to reuse the code so that there is no need for them to write everything from scratch.

With flexibility, reliability, affordability, enhanced security, and faster turnaround time, PHP has become the first choice of the web developers. Also, most of the entrepreneurs hire php developer to build stunning web apps and sites that has the potential to enhance the digital reach of their brand.

Currently, over 79% of websites are using PHP as a server side programming language. Unlike other languages this was specifically designed for web app development.

Also, PHP is evolving gradually so that to cope up with the emerging trends in the web development domain. But why most of the programmers prefer writing a variety of web apps and websites in PHP? Let’s explore the top eleven reasons in the article.

1. PHP Is Completely Free

PHP is an open source language that is completely free and easy to use by the developers. This language boasts an excellent amount of available documentation that makes it an cost-efficient alternative for creating robust web apps and sites.

Here, there is no need for the programmers to worry about any legal obligations and subscription fees. Moreover, this language serves as a launching pad for the new website developers because it allows them to simply leverage their skills and talents for coding to get started.

2. PHP Is Based On The Principle Of Simplicity

As per an experienced British software developer Martin Fowler: “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” PHP works on the same philosophy of making coding simple and easy for the web developers.

PHP makes coding as simple as writing an essay in English for a computer to read. Only the difference here is that the essay is a piece of code that instructs it to create and run stunning web apps and websites in the most efficient manner possible.

This language simplifies the task of creating a code for the programmers. However, some of the developers complain that this does not build the necessary coding habits that streamlines the entire process. But, it allows the code to be highly personalized so that it becomes easy to keep it secure.

3. PHP Works Extremely Well With Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS customization has become a crucial competitive need for every business because the latest trend is moving towards adaptive content. Basically, Adaptive Content is the strategy to create personalized content for every individual visitor to the website. It provides the visitors with an exclusive one-to-one experience. But this is possible only in the case when the website’s code can be customized and integrated with the CMS.

This language allows programmers to modify and transform the web apps and sites according to their will. All websites and web apps built using PHP are highly customizable and can be easily transformed so that to meet the specific requirements of the clients.

The reason behind this flexibility is that all the major CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. all are primarily based on PHP. Therefore, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that developing or integrating a robust custom-made CMS solution with your website is simple with this language.

4. PHP Is Compatible With All The Platforms

A code created with PHP has the potential to run smoothly on any platform. It allows programmers to integrate websites seamlessly across multiple platforms. This enables developers to leverage all existing infrastructure and platforms such as Windows, Unix, and Linux. Also, it equips them with the capacity to interface their websites MySQL and Apache.

5. PHP Is Scalable, Powerful, & Flexible

PHP is serving as the driving force behind one of the most popular social media platforms Facebook. In order to meet their content management needs, they have created a PHP derivative language, named “Hack”.

This shows that this language is robust, flexible, and scalable. One of the most striking features of PHP is that the website’s code can be updated without requiring a server reboot. This unique feature makes PHP different in comparison to other major programming languages.

6. Wide Variety Of Extensions & Add-Ons

PHP is considered as one of the most reliable and scalable languages for web app development. Being an open source language, it is blessed with a passionate community of  online developers that is continuously involved in developing extensions to meet the emerging requirements of the businesses.

With the help of this dynamic community, it becomes easier for the entrepreneurs and programmers to  develop and add newer functionalities and features to their website smoothly.

7. Seamless Embed-ability

The latest trend that is moving towards adaptive content has made fluid grid systems and responsive websites significant for every business. In this context, HTML5 is considered to be the industry standard for building highly dynamic as well as responsive websites.

In such a scenario, PHP is one of those languages that allows its code to be easily embedded into the HTML. By adding PHP code into HTML, the programmers can easily convert their existing static website code into a whole new dynamic one.

8. PHP Is Backed By An Extensive Community

This language is blessed with an extensive community of programmers and professional experts. These experts are eager to help the beginners and are continuously involved in resolving the latest problems in the web development domain. By taking into account the popularity of PHP and availability of developers, it is definite that they are bound to offer highly competitive pricing.

9. PHP Is Gifted With Vast Standard Library

One of the main differentiating factors that separates a good programming language from a great one is the extent of its standard library. These libraries help in simplifying and speeding the data processing ability of the language.

The loading time of a website plays a crucial role in keeping visitors engaged because it has been found out that they spend no-more than 8 seconds per webpage while they are in the earlier “research” phase of the buying process.

The standard library of PHP offers extensive support for regular expressions, HTTP fetching, database drivers, URL parsing, etc. Also, the library of PHP is well-organized and the community of programmers are constantly working on it.

10. PHP Delivers Quality Performance

PHP is well-known for improving the speed of development and execution. PHP leverages the Apache web server and allows apps to leverage MySQL databases while operating on a conventional web stack. It enables programmers to build customized , one-stop solutions for online presence.

The turnaround time is considered as one of the most significant factors that has the potential to enhance the performance of a website. PHP is popular for its quick turnaround time. There are some of the unique features of this language, such as cross platform functionality, a large standard library, seamless integration with and customization of various CMS, a diverse range of extensions, and embed-ability allows professional programmers to offer exceptionally fast turnaround times at highly competitive rates.

The web apps and sites built using PHP are compatible with all operating systems such as Windows and Unix. Also, these sites and web apps have faster data processing features.

11. PHP Has A Range Of Diverse Frameworks

PHP has a sufficiently large family of different frameworks. These frameworks include all rounder Laravel and Sympfony, PHPixie for speedy application designs, enterprise level Zend and Yii frameworks, Code igniter for more robust ones, and performance optimizers like Phalcon. These frameworks serve as a backbone for PHP that helps developers in building reliable and robust web apps and websites.

Thus, these eleven reasons make PHP a comprehensive platform that is extensively used by the programmers to build scalable and high-end websites and web apps. Considering its huge demand, this language is expected to be trending in the coming years also and will hold the position of being the first choice of web developers.

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