10 Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework


Choosing the most appropriate PHP web development framework is not an easy task. Among other frameworks, Laravel is gaining immense popularity as the best PHP framework for developing robust websites.

You can easily hire php developer to take advantage of this in-demand framework to power your website. But before hiring, let’s take a look at the top ten reasons for this immense popularity of this framework.

1. Easy Implementation Of Laravel Authorizing Techniques

It is very easy for programmers to implement authorizing techniques in this framework. Also, the configurations are impeccable. With the help of Laravel, it is easier to organize authorization logic and control access to resources in an effective and simple way.

2. Availability Of Object-oriented Libraries

Laravel has many Object-Oriented and pre-installed libraries. These libraries are not found in any other PHP web development framework and hence it makes Laravel the best PHP framework for developing websites. For instance, Authentication is one of the most popular pre-installed PHP libraries. Also, it is easy to implement and has many advanced features.

3. Built-In Artisan

Artisan is a built-in tool offered by this framework that allows developers to perform the majority of those repetitive and tedious programming tasks that most of them avoid performing manually. This tool can be used to build a skeleton code, the database structure, and create their migration which makes is easy to manage the database system.

Also, Artisan can be used by the developers to create their own commands and perform unit tests for their applications.

4. Robust MVC Architecture Support

This framework follows MVC patterns which ensure the clarity between logic and presentation. It helps in improving the performance of the web apps and sites. Also, it allows better documentation and has multiple built-in functionalities that programmers can integrate and develop highly reliable web apps.

5. Security As The Top Priority

Making the web app completely secure is one of the most crucial tasks that you need to do while developing it. This framework takes care of security and enables developers to build secure web apps. In order to ensure safety, Laravel uses salted and hashed password so that the passwords would never save as a plain text in the database.

Also, this framework uses bcrypt hashing algorithm for producing an encrypted representation of a password. Laravel also uses prepared SQL statements that prevent web apps from injection attacks.

6. Effective Migration Systems For Databases

PHP programmers have to keep the database in sync between development machines which is a daunting task. Laravel migration systems has made this task very easy and simple. It enables developers to keep all of the database work in migrations and seeds so that they can easily migrate the changes into any other development machine they have.

7. Laracasts Tutorials

Laracasts are a mix of free and paid video tutorials that show programmers how to use Laravel effectively. This allows developers to learn more in order to deliver better. These videos are made by an expert and experienced instructor Jeffery Way. These are high-quality videos and the lessons are meaningful and well-thought-out.

8. Presence Of Template Engine

This framework has in-built light weight templates. These templates can be used to  create amazing layouts with dynamic content seeding. Also, it has many widgets including CSS and JS code with solid structures. The templates of these frameworks are designed specifically in such a way so that to facilitate the development of a simple layout with different sections.

9. Facilitate Smooth Unit-Testing

Most of the PHP programmers love this framework because it facilitates smooth unit-testing. It allows developers to run hundreds of tests so that to make sure that the new modifications done by them don’t unexpectedly break anything in the web application.

Laravel is believed to have some of the most stable releases in the industry as it is careful of the possible setbacks. Also, this framework allows developers to write unit-tests for own code.

10. Automatic Package Discovery

Another Feather In The Cap Of Laravel: It is a new feature added to Laravel. It helps in detecting the packages automatically which users want to install. Thus there is no need for the users to set up any aliases or providers from installing new packages in this framework. Also, this feature can be disabled for specific packages.

To conclude, the above-mentioned qualities made Laravel the best web development framework of PHP. If you are planning to use this framework for developing your next web application, make sure to hire php developer from a reliable company with a wealth of expertise in the PHP web development domain.

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